Support on my website with webshop. Plus, we are giving you a 1-month free trial of our Premium plan with simply signing up! We take data security very seriously. Do I need to pay for using onWebChat? GPLv2 or later Type: Do you need any assistance?

Nome: utchat joomla
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Is there a white-label option? The real work is done in the onWebChat’s administrator panel very clear and easy to use. How utdhat I change the appearance of the live support widget on my website? No, you only need to install this extension and sign up for onWebChat live chat service. How safe is our data?

This live chat plugin works really good as expected.

Instalando o chat Tolvnow no Joomla

The live chat widget will be hidden when all operators are offline or have select “invisible” status. In which languages is onWebChat available? The best support system for website Functionality: Urchat I initiate a chat before the visitor does? Feb 22 Date added: Very fast responce,at least when using their live chat of course they use their own service: If you select to use offline form, the offline form will be shown.


If only 30 chats a month – free. I used this to: Live Chat extension for your Joomla website. No, you only need to install this extension and utchqt up for onWebChat live chat service.

Does all what it should do! Support on jjoomla website with webshop.

I have emailed 1 time asking some questions, they replied back in the day with a very detailed answer. Chat with your website visitors, monitor site traffic in real-time, provide the best customer support and increase your sales.

If you enjoy using our live chat extension and would like to let us know how useful it is for your website, remember you can rate us whenever you wish to!

Method 2: Create a new module of Joomla

Do I have to install any extra software? Very easy and simple usage and you can learn it uthcat Installation Create an account on onWebChat live chat service.

utchat joomla

Yes, on the Premium Plan you can hide onWebChat logo from your chat window. Install the onWebChat live chat extension on your website. GPLv2 or later Type: This ensures that all uttchat chat messages remain private and integral.

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I have contacted them three times so far, responded in no time. Up and running in less than 2 minutes Functionality: Can I translate any text on the live chat widget? Is no needed, just install, configure a bit and ready.

utchat joomla

My website to support my visitors. It connects your site with the onWebChat service, and it does it very well so far. Do you need any tuchat When you sign up, you get for free the Premium plan for 1 month. My website as extra acquisition tool.

How to install the chat code on Joomla

Feel free to chat with us on www. Any inexperienced user can handle the platform, set it up and use it. Plus, we are giving you a 1-month free trial of our Premium plan with simply signing up!