Michael Myers Special Moves: We apologize the people who backed the project. Unleashed moves can only be activated when this Green Meter is full. We’re sorry for the let down, as soon as we can fix our tech issue, we’ll be able to post a gameplay video. Combo string becomes more powerful. We will upload the first tracks including the main theme next week on our Youtube channel. Chains are replaced by more powerful lightnings.

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If you used two helper moves, by using taunt you can restore them. Range mode Unleashed 1: Official Soundtrack, Main Theme. Thanks for your support and patience. The Terror Team wish you the best for this new year

The failure of the KS campaign doesn’t mean we cancel our game. Acompanhem as imagens atualizadas que contém os golpes de cada personagem:.

terrordrome para pc

Puppet Master the gamephantasm the gameHalloween the gameFriday the 13th, Evil Dead Regeneration,Nightmare on Elm Street nes e Friday the 13th nes e o mas terrorcrome terrordrome v2.

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terrordrome para pc

Have a taste and leave feedbacks! We have many tiers to suit everybody’s budget and cool physical rewards.


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It gives West meter over time. I do not own tedrordrome parts or footage from the featured gameclips. D, B, P Grab Attacks: Pinhead, do filme HellRaiser e PumpkinHead, do filme que leva o mesmo nome. Hope you have some fun, Enjoy!

Terrordrome – Download

For those who missed that here’s the list of the character we plan to include: Enfim, bora baixar e testar. Check out our campaign page! Reign of the Legends – Early Tech demo.

The third TerrorTale is here and comes with liters of warm blood! Dont forget to like my online store which aim is to help our terrordrome community at www. Because of technical issues we weren’t able to get Van Helsing’s gameplay video terrorxrome as we wanted to. You’ll also get a glimpse of a new stage we’re still working on.

We’re sorry for the let down, as soon as we can fix our tech issue, we’ll be able to post pcc gameplay video. Gives you special power depending what character you chose.

Personagens de Terror em Games de Luta

Reign of the Legends Tech Demo. F, F Dash Back: As you probably know, the Kickstarter campaign which was supposed to fund Terrordrome: Terrorrdrome mais coisas de Terrordrome: Vai deixar seus leitores mal acostumado desse jeito amigo!!! This means that while doing a special move, Pumpkinhead cannot be hurt. You can steal meter from the enemy.


Caicó Subterrâneo: TERRORDROME – Encarne seu personagem de terror favorito

Valeu drx, é muito bom quando aparecem jogos de luta para variar um pouco dos mainstreams que temos hoje em dia, e colocar os golpes faz toda a diferença para você e a galera treinar em casa, essa é a credibilidade do Blog MarvoxBrasil! Reign of Legends is almost there! Their use is limited to two. Complete characters of terrordrome. We’ll publish them on a monthly basis and we’re starting off with a short story centered around the Neverman. B, F, K Swinging Stick: This move pf decapitate your enemy.

If you used two helper moves, by using taunt you can restore them.