In certi momenti original 10 faixas. Compartilhe seus pensamentos com outros clientes. Emozione dal vivo 11 faixas. First heard this in Spain and couldn’t stop thinking about it. In ogni senso Eros. The World Tour album is also fabulous! Ramazzotti’s voice reminds me a bit of Jose Feliciano, only he has more power and better range.

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This is a hushed, affecting moment. In ogni senso Eros. I ordered another one after a year or so and it’s just as good as I remember. Imagine, I went into a record store and asked for an album called “eight. Calma Aparente Spanish Version.

Eros original 15 faixas. Calma Aparente Spanish Version. Eros Cuori Agitati 10 faixas. Perfeito 14 faixas. I liked every single song, obviously some more than others but every single song had the mix eroa perfect melody and poetic lyrics.

Eros Roma Live original 26 faixas.

Asked the tour driver for the name of the album so I could buy it when we got to Italy. Eros Ramazzotti Live Roma. Ccd sings about two people who love each other but for some reason one of them is leaving. Compartilhe seus pensamentos com outros clientes. Fale com a Editora!

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Musica è 8 faixas. The songs are what Enrique Iglesias would sound like if he could really write and sing.

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Eros Ramazzotti – Eros Romantico – 18 faixas. In certi momenti original. Tutte Storie original 13 faixas.

cd eros ramazzotti 2009 gratis

Sure, later albums have also been good but not at this level. Seja o primeiro a avaliar este item. Best Ballads 15 faixas.

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Played the first CD so much it gave out on me. Trust me when I say that if you grati Italian pop in general, you’ll like 9. Musica Es Spanish Version. Musica Es Spanish Version 7 faixas. This is not a bitter song but a song about two mature people that understand that sometimes separation is inevitable.

3 de julho de 2009

I’m going to buy a different one now. But if you are into very European yet modern sounding love songs, you will fall in love with this album.

cd eros ramazzotti 2009 gratis

Noi original 14 faixas. This was the first Eros album I purchased and it’s more than fabulous.


Eros Ramazzotti – Música no Mercado Livre Brasil

My only complaint is that the album is a bit one-sided in favor of ballads and it would be nice to have Ramazzotti mix it up a little. Not one bad song, as another reviewer mentioned. Much of the rest of 9 finds Ramazzotti in pleasantly familiar territory, his nasal delivery distinguishing pop ditties such as “Un Segundo De Paz” and “Piedra Pequena. Todo Historias Spanish Version.

After this album, you’ll definitely want to check out his other ones. Guess I was Italian in a former life. For some people, this grxtis just another love song but it is not.

cd eros ramazzotti 2009 gratis

Eros Ramazzotti Live Roma 23 faixas.